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Richard Maybury Interview

Radio Podcast  —  19-May-18
KFAR 660AM, Fairbanks, Alaska

»» HEAR How to protect your children from school shootings

How to get a job with better pay!

High school graduate congratulated and looking for employment

Studies show the greatest concern of employers today is not training or experience, it's ethics. Ethics are the rules of right and wrong. If your ethics are impressive, you will have a big edge over your competition. So, I have developed a way for you to prove you know how to practice good ethical judgment. It's called Ethics Solutions®.

To walk in the door of an employer's office carrying an Ethics Solutions® Certificate is to offer solid evidence that you have the most important thing employers want: an understanding of how to practice good ethical judgment.

The Certificate stands for more than rules of ethics. It represents a coherent system of thinking a person can apply each day to become more successful in practically every way.

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In the May issue of EWR, which you receive FREE when you subscribe:

More school shootings coming
The airtight evidence
How to protect your children

•  Where the problem came from.

•  Why so many children are becoming hyper-violent.

•  Nine things you can do to make sure your child stays safe.

•  And much more.

The rise in school shootings tracks the rise of the mass production schools. Peer pressure has become so great that an increasing number of students do not stay quiet. They either commit suicide, or try to kill everyone who may have bullied or laughed at them.

Between early and late teen years, the suicide rate among girls leaps 200%, and rises slowly thereafter. Among boys, it leaps 600%, and rises slowly thereafter.

Obviously something awful is done to us during our school years. For many it never goes away, and for tens of thousands it is literally unbearable.

The CDC estimates up to l out 5 children experience a mental disorder.

Start helping your child now. Mr. Maybury says, "I want you to receive the May issue of EWR free because the nine steps you can take to help keep your children safe will be the most important thing you will ever do!"

Don't delay even one more day. You will not find this crucial guidance anywhere except Early Warning Report. Act immediately so your child will be fully prepared before school resumes. ORDER NOW.

Cover The End of Washington as Superpower

The End of Washington
as Superpower

Practically all the crises happening in military events, the economy and investment markets now is a result of the federal government's empire, or the gradual collapse of it. In this special report from Richard J. Maybury, discover the political and economic upset of our time.  Understand the events, starting in the 1940s, that led to Washington's rise to global dominance, why this dominance is now in decline, and the many ways this is affecting you profoundly.

Learn why the empire's demise is far from bad news.  Instead, Mr Maybury views it as an exciting chance for America to make a fresh start toward a new age of freedom, security and abundance. You'll be amazed.

Mr. Maybury also sees this historic upset as a spectacular opportunity for investors who understand what is happening.  The eye opening 150 page report contains 34 carefully selected investment recommendations.  Order today!


A name for the bloodiest, most chaotic place on earth.

Taking up more than half of the earth's landmass, and containing huge deposits of minerals including most of the oil, Chaostan can affect your life more than anything that happens in your own hometown.

And few, if any, understand it.

Since 1991 Richard Maybury's Early Warning Report (EWR) has been studying Chaostan, and its effects on you and your investments, with astounding success.

What is Chaostan and what has the CIA and Pentagon been learning about it in EWR?  Click here

Chart History of Gold Prices Two Thousand One to Two Thousand Fourteen

An Uncommon Combination

What makes Early Warning Report (EWR) so unique? So interesting? DEPTH. EWR is a unique blend of topics that you've probably never encountered before. Namely geopolitics, finance, economics, and military events.

We don't give you a list of "hot" stock picks, expect you to believe us, and send you on your way. Rather we start with understanding the two major trends affecting your money: war and debasement of currencies.

The US dollar is the world's reserve currency, and thanks to the federal reserve its become a shell game.

Nothing is more crucial to understand: the Federal Reserve dictates the health of the dollar and the health of the dollar, dictates your quality of life. You must know how to adapt.

EWR has long recommended gold as a shield against the Fed. It only takes one look at the chart above to see how successful that strategy has been. Gold has been up 606% since we recommended it just before 9/11.

But an understanding of economics isn't enough, because at bottom what really drives the ups and downs in the financial world are actions of governments.

They regulate all currencies. They create laws that control how the economy operates. They command the militaries that cause the conflicts that disrupt entire regions of the world.

Governments are capable of causing more chaos in your life than any other type of organization on earth. And they do it— constantly.

This is why EWR focuses on geopolitics (world politics).

This approach has led EWR to make some astonishing predictions over the years:

•  9/11 and soaring defense stocks (in the March 2000 EWR)
•  Invasion of Iraq and skyrocketing oil prices (March 2001)
•  A never-ending war for the U.S. in Central Asia (October 2001)
•  The financial crash of 2008 (May 2007)
•  The 2013 boom in stocks and real estate (March 2013). The 10 suggested stocks rose 52.6%.
•  And more.

See for yourself! Click here and read some of the best articles from Early Warning Report.

Chart History of Lockheed Martin Stock Prices Nineteen Ninety One to Two Thousand Fourteen

EWR - Part Investment Advisory, Part Economic and
Geopolitical Journal

Most investment advisories focus on the particulars of a given investment. They are concerned with the internals. The technicals. Few know anything about the Big Picture - the global trends - that affect investments.

The closest they get to it is to study economics.

The Big Picture is Early Warning Report's specialty.

We see investment trends being primarily determined by economic trends, and economic trends determined by politics.

To forecast what our investments will do we must forecast what governments will do.

image graphic description of flow logic in geopolitics from World View of Politics to Economics to Effecs on Markets to Investment Advice

World politics changes flows of money, which alters economies, affecting markets, which produces investment profits, as in the case of Lockheed Martin (see the chart above).

We don't mean what the mainstream press and its government watchdogs call politics. We mean the real thing: wars, revolutions, uprisings, and history. It repeats, although never exactly.

Unfortunately, the typical investor is unaware of the impact governments have on markets. He flies politically blind.

The world is like a chessboard, except unlike the conventional board, the number of players isn't 2, it's 200, meaning 200 governments.

To win the game, you need to know how it is played and nobody knows the strategies and tactics better than Early Warning Report.

Start today by reading a selection of of the best EWR articles, and a current issue.