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Richard J. Maybury portrait

From Here To Timbuktoo

By Richard J. Maybury

From the March - April 2013 EWR

I have no doubts we are in the end times for the US empire. This does not mean the end of the US, just the federal government's empire. Typically, in their final throes, imperial governments do stupid things militarily. They spend vast amounts of money on hopeless campaigns, then they go broke and out of business. After that, the country makes a fresh start.

In February 2001, I began warning about federal officials erasing the 1555 Peace of Augsburg and the 1648 Treaty of Westphalia. The two treaties today are generally referred to simply as Westphalia.

Westphalia said no nation could attack another unless the other was a clear and present danger. This was a principle of ethics drawn from the old Common Law. My right to swing my fist ends where your nose begins. Westphalia inducted this rule into relations between governments as well as between individuals.

The US government and its allies have been chipping away at Westphalia for more than a century, through the subterfuge of "interests." No one knows what an interest is, it's not defined in law or in the Constitution. All we know is that Washington and its allies believe they have a right to get into a war if anything they call an interest is threatened anywhere in the world.

In the Sept. 2011 EWR I repeated my warning of ten years earlier, and pointed out that Washington was replacing Westphalia with an old Roman principle. This Roman rule says the only justification anyone needs to get into a war is the belief that the other side is up to no good.

In that issue, I quoted Colonel Robert Killebrew who wrote an article in Armed Forces Journal titled "A Darwinian world — Libya points to a new era of aggression and turmoil." Killebrew reported — and this was my main point — "armed intervention across international boundaries is now accepted," and "the 'Westphalian' ideal of noninterference in the internal affairs of other states is as dead as a doornail."1

I said whatever geopolitical ethics were in effect for centuries are gone, and as Killebrew suggests, we are entering a dog-eat-dog Darwinian free-for-all.

This warning was repeated in my October 2011 speech in Phoenix, and again in the Nov. 2012 EWR.

In the Nov. 2012 and Dec. 2012 EWRs I also reported that Washington was tilting toward war with Beijing in the East China Sea.

As good long-term speculations, I suggested…

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1 Armed Forces Journal, May 2011, p.10.