Who is Richard Maybury and Why Does
Ron Paul Read His Work?

Richard Maybury

Richard Maybury is not an ivory tower academic with no real world experience. Oh, he knows theory, and has the mandatory sheepskin in business and economics. But he has lived business and economics, too.

As you read each of your Early Warning Reports, you will get a feel for the common sense wisdom Mr. Maybury gained as a young man. He was a homebuilder. He got his hands dirty, doing everything from the ground to the roof — concrete, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, a jack of all trades.

He has been a teacher, a forklift driver, mechanic, shipping clerk, farmer, Fuller Brush man, grocery store manager, and more.

When economist Murray Rothbard was asked what makes Richard Maybury different than all the other writers on economics, politics and finance, Rothbard answered, "He's a real person; he's led a real life." You will notice this realism in all your EWRs.

But, as you will see, all this hands-on experience is just the tip of the iceberg.

Richard Maybury has experienced politics, the real thing. He knows that politics isn't about elections, speeches, democrats or republicans. Those are just window dressing. They keep the public in the dark about what's really happening.

"Mr. Maybury is one of the truly original thinkers in the free-market movement in this country."
- Robert Ringer, author,
Restoring The American Dream

In the 1960s, Richard Maybury was a member of the USAF's 605th Special Operations Squadron. He worked with the CIA's School of the Americas, was required to help train Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega, and was involved in other operations during the campaign against Che Guevara.

Mr. Maybury learned quickly that real politics isn't the hot air shenanigans the mainstream media report.

Real politics is what comes out of the barrel of a gun.

Every EWR you receive reflects this insight.

The public rarely hears anything about it — they think politics is about voting.

When your EWR describes what is happening to your way of life and your money, it uses Mr. Maybury's considerable military and geopolitical experience and knowledge to help illuminate the unseen.

"Keep up what you're doing! It's great! What I like best about your writing is your historical perspective, understanding, and guidance."
- R.E., Yakima, WA

After the Air Force, while he was earning his degree in business and economics, Mr. Maybury realized that what college was teaching him about the government's manipulation of the economy had no connection with what he had seen with his own eyes.

Says Mr. Maybury, "Everything they were teaching us assumed government can be trusted, and I knew it couldn't. It's full of crooks, liars and killers. Political power corrupts the morals and the judgment."

This is one reason that for more than 30 years, Richard Maybury has been called one of the top free-market writers in America. His work has been endorsed by former US Treasury Secretary William Simon, Doug Casey, Harry Browne, Karl Hess and other leaders of the pro-liberty movement. His writings have been published by the Mises Institute, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Business Week, and other big name publications.

Newsweek has reported that Mr. Maybury's work is studied in the CIA and Pentagon, and has influenced their decisions.

Richard Maybury is convinced the coming crisis is our chance to revive America's legendary freedom, prosperity and opportunity. He hopes you will join with us and prepare to enjoy America's new beginning.

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